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Accelerating Systemic Change in the Energy Industry

Discovered Markets works with businesses solving some of the world's most pressing problems. This blog is a part of a series of posts covering energy issues and what businesses are doing about it.

We wrap up this blog series with a case study that shows our advisory work with ELAN RDC, an economic growth program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Original Problem: ELAN RDC, a market development organization focused on renewable energy was extended and needed new ideas after a successful five years helping to grow the sector.

Our "Reframed" Question: What market innovations will lead to a systemic change in access and adoption of solar products?

What We Did Uniquely: We first conducted expert interviews to identify common views on industry constraints. We focused on evaluating renewable energy programming in other countries so that we could provide some comparables. Finally, we wrote and edited a strategy and implementation program for the team.

Our Discovery: What we found in the country were: high logistical costs, an unfavorable regulatory/policy environment, limited available financing, and political instability. For the two-year program, we identified that testing of innovations around new products, targeted business support services, risk mitigation financing, new financial instruments, and stakeholder dialogue platforms were high priorities.

The innovation cycle for most organizations ends with finding product/market fit. However, finding scale for your solutions is key to achieving company and sector-wide objectives. Utilizing a systems lens, we can identify the scaling options and prepare a portfolio approach to test alternatives. This de-risks expansion and yields better, quicker results.

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