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How Systems Thinking Shapes Our Work

At Discovered Markets, we use a mixed methodology to identify scalable, profitable, and desirable business models.

One of our main methodologies that we utilize is Systems Thinking.

Systems Thinking is an approach to problem definition and problem solving based on the concept that individual businesses are part of an interrelated and interdependent system. These systems can propel or stop business adoption and growth.

We look for strategic entry points and partners that accelerate our client’s objectives. These entry points are informed by the segments, relationships, and behaviors within the system and how they evolve. This approach allows solutions to gain early traction and scale faster by using the existing networks. Not only that, but the practice of understanding the system prevents unintentional negative consequences from occurring.

Systems Thinking is especially important in emerging markets, where key parts of the value chain may be missing and the opportunity to drive systemic impact is even greater.

One example of how Systems Thinking is vital to making long-lasting, positive results (both financially and socially), and avoid negative repercussions is Aqua-Spark.

Aqua-Spark, a global investment fund dedicated to aquaculture, realised it is not possible to change the way we farm fish without also looking at the inputs and all other parts of the supply chain. “The portfolio works as an ecosystem, with the companies agreeing to collaborate on optimal solutions, share knowledge and networks, and work together toward a shared vision of a healthy, sustainable, accessible global aquaculture industry.”

What are your thoughts on Systems Thinking?

Systems Thinking in Emerging Markets
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