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Renewable Microgrids and their impact

Discovered Markets works with businesses solving some of the world's most pressing problems. This blog is a part of a series of posts covering energy issues and what businesses are doing about it.

Last week we talked about Virtual Power Plants and the benefits that they have over traditional power plants.

While VPPs provide one way of solving the air pollution issues in Asia, they are not the only solution.

Today we are going to take a look at renewable microgrids. Microgrids are localized and can operate autonomously (it can disconnect from the traditional grid). The fact that they are localized can reduce energy losses in transmission and distribution, making them way more efficient.

They can be powered by renewable resources like solar panels. This ability to disconnect from the traditional grid comes in handy in case of emergencies such as storms or power outages.

Microgrids can cut electricity costs and renewable microgrids are more environmentally friendly. Due to the decrease in energy storage costs as well as the decrease in wind and solar energy, the development of microgrids will continue to be supported.

Leonics, an ASEAN leading microgrid technology company, has provided both technical and strategic microgrid expertise for many commercial partners and project owners in the Southeast Asia region.

There are opportunities for businesses to find their niche in this space as renewable energy continues to grow.

Renewable Microgrids and their Impact
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