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Market expansion led by humans

Start expanding into emerging markets

Human-centered | Opportunity Mindset | Systems Thinking | Culturally Aware

Our mission is to quicken the pace products and services make it to the people that need or want them.

We partner with organizations who like to tackle tricky market problems and believe in maximizing results for the businesses as they deliver value for their customers.

Our approach and team members share common values:

  • Human-Centered - We look at incentives to understand and solve problems

  • Opportunity Mindset - We look beyond the immediate industry for inspiration and are unbounded by historical bias

  • System Thinking - We look for strategic entry points and partners that accelerate our partner's objectives

  • Culturally Aware - We look to the country we are going to design solution fit-for-market

Companies and consumers both win when we successfully find and expand into new markets faster!

Our team