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Disseminating research regarding Congolese market systems inclusion

About Client

Élan RDC's mission was to reduce poverty in the DRC by increasing the incomes of more than a million small producers, entrepreneurs and poor consumers.

Client Team

Ndandu Welkenhuysen - Communications Lead

Gregoire Poisson - Team Leader

The Client Needs

  • To maintain and grow project credibility at national, provincial and local levels.
  • To inform and influence intervention-level stakeholders on programme objectives, activities, results, and lessons learned, to facilitate behaviour change in favour of pro-poor economic outcomes.
  • To contribute to industry learning and encourage knowledge sharing and lessons learnt to a broader audience of practitioners.
  • To ensure that UKAID receives appropriate acknowledgement for its investment and to support communication of results and the “human angle” of the project to an audience in the UK.

Key Strategies Implemented

  • Over three months, the Discovered Markets team:
  • Found & targeted the audience that matters
  • Reached out to 92 content platforms for publication of Élan RDC research with this target audience
  • Tested & implemented content strategies based on proof of efficacy
  • Designed and communicated Élan RDC research and findings in a way that was relevant to its audience

Key Data Points

  • 68.4% high priority document publication success
  • 333K total reach of committed content platforms
  • 30 content pieces created & edited
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