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Working Remotely Around the World

Discovered Markets works all over the globe, from Malaysia to Uzbekistan to Malawi to Sierra Leone. While this can mean travel for some, we have set up systems and networks to allow speedy market interviews, observations, and testing almost anywhere in the world. Some of our systems include:
1) Partnership Management. We have partners all over the globe that allow us to identify and set up stakeholder interviews. We are always building this network of partners as our projects span geographies and sectors. Even with new locations and industries, our expertise in partner management allows us to tap into these networks quickly.
2) International Hiring. We have a pool of innovation strategists and researchers around the globe to aid with interviews, observations, and testing. We use international hiring systems to ensure we comply with local regulations.
3) Cloud Systems. We prepare all our research using cloud systems, such as Google Suite. With cloud-based systems, multiple users can contribute to documents in real-time from across the globe. Also, these systems allow our partner clients to see results and analysis in real-time.
We used these systems and networks to complete a six-country (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, & Ethiopia) evaluation in the ag-tech sector in Africa. We used partners to set up interviews with country-specific and pan-African experts. These interviews were conducted virtually with notes provided in real-time to our partner clients. We also identified local partners and innovation strategists to design and execute market testing of a new solar irrigation product.

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