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Global Good Fund & Pay-as-you-go Solar-powered Irrigation

Discovered Markets works with businesses solving some of the world's most pressing problems. This blog is a part of a series of posts covering water issues and what businesses are doing about it (Part 5/5)

In our last blog we looked at KOHLER’s work with water filtration in Ghana.

Today we will take a look at the Global Good Fund.

The Global Good Fund was established to invent technologies to address some of humanity’s most daunting problems.

They came to us with the desire to launch a new solar-powered pay-as-you-go irrigation product.

But first, we wanted to answer: What is the “best” market and partner to test a new solar-powered pay-as-you-go irrigation business model?

We decided to develop a 53-point country-level evaluation matrix and set up a 10-member expert panel. From there, we distilled insights from 100 pieces of existing research and assessed 60 potential partner organizations. Our next move was to create a heat map identifying the “best” markets to target to achieve the fund’s objectives.

From all of that research, we came to the conclusion that the “best” market depends on the revenue, impact, and time objectives of the fund. In this case, a business model innovation around credit evaluation and decision making matched Global Good Funds objectives. It was more needed by market players than a new product.

As you can see from our last five posts, including this one, water businesses make a profit while making an impact. And we love working with our partners to discover how to adapt impact-minded business models to local needs.

In our next blog series, we will look into clean energy. Stay tuned.

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