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Entering a New Territory with an Existing Product

The majority of partners we work with have existing products or services. When taking a user-centric approach, however, this can create conflict. A user-centric approach for product design usually starts from user needs/wants. Then, solutions are designed that fulfill those needs/wants. In testing for new markets, we often have an existing solution, so there are constraints on the changes we can make. However, these constraints do create some opportunity:

Why is it great to test with an existing solution?

  • Reduces number of potential testing factors
  • Allows for real-life testing with actual users discover, engage with, and buy
  • Makes the solution tangible for stakeholders allowing for testing of stakeholder commitment and ability

Why is it a constraint to test with existing solutions?

  • Some of the critical needs consumers have may not be able to be fulfilled by the existing solution
  • Has the potential of limiting user responses by pining ideas around the existing solution

Before engaging in testing, we work with our partners to identify what about their go-to-market they can and cannot change. We then design a testing program focused on elements with their interest and control.

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